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artist statement 

My photographic images consider the relationship between memory, landscape, and placemaking. Through a lens-based practice, I contemplate how our inner lives extend into the urban and suburban exterior and how land is a deposit and holder of personal and collective sentiment. I use photography to expand ideas around our bodies existing in various landscapes, applying elements of the documentary practice with acts of staging, performance, and installation to construct experimental compositions. The work often converges intimate gestures and moments of interior life with the external topography and urban ambient conditions. There are elements of a studio photography practice that are applied in the field, deepening and entangling a relationship to site-specific locations by carefully composing photography in these spaces. Through this process I explore how collective histories can shape urban and suburban geographies. My practice leans into the perpetual discomfort and tensions between belonging and un-belonging, responding with intuitive image making. Visually, my work is inspired by cinematic arts, specifically neo-realism and formalist films. Storytelling elements in my work are deeply influenced by my upbringing in Los Angeles, the land of movie-making. The work expands into community archives and is informed by collective placemaking and impermanent acts of “critical belonging.” for diasporic and historically displaced communities.

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Arlene Mejorado

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